Originally when the world was made, we were given the gift of flowers, to strengthen, to encourage, to bring beauty and restore our sanity. And that is why it is still ingrained deep within our beings, to give flowers as a way to show love and that we care. Perhaps we could use a few more flowers – today.



Beauty needs no Ornaments!📿💍

Beauty lies all around us. Everyone has their own way of defining it. Nowadays most see physical appearance of person, size and shape of their body, hair and makeup but we forget that facial beauty may not be permanent, Appearances charges with time. Too many people do not see the beauty the way it really is. They see it as a physical quality beauty as much more than the skin beauty is the pureness of one’s soul greatness, courage, kindness and unselfish love and happiness. It has been observed that “we not only split off with the greatest facility the “inside” (character, intellect) from the “outside” (looks); but we are actually surprised when someone who is beautiful is also intelligent, talented, good”. Both men and women make this mistake, it never fails to amaze people that a person can be smart and good-looking at the same time. Society has made it seem like the good-looking get everything handed to them because of their physicality; however that is not always true. It is just the fact that it is human nature to immediately observe and judge by the outward appearance according to the worldly views instilled in people growing up, for example: magazines, TV, internet, etc. Both men and women would agree that for millennia “beauty has continued to lose prestige” One’s beauty is not a thing that can be measured on how they physically appear, their character defines what they really are, to be kind to be general and caring for others is the real beauty. Beauty cannot be purchased it does not come with a price tag then why people undergo intense surgeries to be declared beautiful, this is because they are prone to impact society and are put in LimeLight, but I believe that inner beauty makes outside beautiful beauty is the enlargement of the soul. Beauty needs no ornaments to look beautiful and graceful.

3 C’s of life. Choices. Chances. Changes.

Hello everyone, you’ve been reading all of my answers by now and may recognize the highly optimist person I am. I take pride in that. However, it didn’t come easy. I’d like to think that it was because of the 3 C’s of life. Choices. Chances. Changes.
I’ve made many choices in life. Some good. Some great. And some horrible. I could complain and regret the bad ones. But I just think about the famous words from my favorite “Hangover” movie character, “But did you die?” And I answer myself saying, no I didn’t. I’m still here. I’m able to take a chance on the next opportunity, next job, or relationship, I get to see if it’s going to change me, and if it will change me for better or worst.

It’s not easy to make choices. It’s not easy to take a chance. And it’s definitely not easy to change or accept change. But it’s a part of life. You won’t grow unless you change! And I don’t know about you but I want to grow!

*A smile a day, keeps the negativity away*

What is the most essential thing to live peacefully in this society? Talha Sheikh

Nothing brings more peace and happiness than trying to help the most vulnerable people in the society. It is a goal and essential part of my life — a kind of destiny. Whoever is in distress can call on me anytime and anywhere. I will come running wherever they are. One has to learn to accept everything god has provided us and stop expecting from him because you sow what you reap. Remember, “To see a change you have to be the change”. Unless you try to delve yourself in this service of humanity and mankind you won’t actually get that peace you have been searching throughout your life.

My story (acid attack victim)

There came a stranger, walking towards me, With a drink in his hand, staring at me. He approached me and asked me out, I said, “no” with no doubt. Then, he just threw some liquid at me, Liquid he had held in his hand, he just threw it at my face and ran away from me. Why would a stranger do that? Did I unknowingly hurt his ego? I don’t know that. Oh god! My face! What’s happening to me? Why is this silly liquid penetrating so deep inside the flesh in me? Oh god! It has set fire deep till my bones, Somebody please help me, I can’t handle this on my own! I was burning in fire nobody could see, Screaming, begging for help to kill me and set me free! Why would any human ever do that to another? It was acid he threw at me cried my father and mother. But why? May be because I committed crime saying no? May be because I was beautiful and I needed a life lesson for being beautiful? May be because he wanted to satisfy his 5 minutes of anger by watching me suffer for rest of my life? Or say because he knew he could never get me? Am I not a human?I don’t think I was considered as a human? Because, I wasn’t treated like one, Because, several surgeries made me numb one by one. Now, somehow I’m showcasing a smile on my scarfed face proving I’m strong, To inspire many other victims out there to be strong. What’s the change done? Where’s the difference made? There’s difference in number of acid victims. Well, they’ve increased. And difference in acid attackers, now more acid they secret. My story is been published, My incident has just added up to the existing list. I’m different now, I look not a bit like I used to, 6 years, since my eyes, my face, my body were destroyed, yet it’s hard to get used to. Some people call me beautiful sometimes, Don’t call me that, I’m a survivor and I’m surviving, remember that and remind me that every time. Don’t dare to say you feel me, You don’t and I pray you ever won’t feel me. Don’t stare at me or my scars with tears in your eyes, I’m stronger than the acid which gave me scars, see it in my eyes. That incident made me reborn! I’ve reborn, with a new dream, a new vision, a new hope, a new purpose, a new belief and lastly a new face. This new me isn’t afraid of any acid now! This new me isn’t afraid of any more physical and mental pain, I’m much stronger now!

~F E M I N I S M~

This word ‘Feminism’ is so easy for someone to say but so difficult to explain. The world has various theories, various quotes, various memes about feminism. For some people it’s only about dresses, for some insulting opposite gender, for some giving long lectures about what we should do and shouldn’t, for some a matter of 3 minute of empowerment when they see some articles about feminism.

What feminism truly stands for and the most important stands for whom? A girl with iPhone on their hand sharing ‘why school sucks’. I am not a great thinker or some lecturer to explain ‘Feminism’, I have seen very little of the world, but as being the youth and the future of my country, I can only explain what It should stand for.
I am going to tell you a story today — A little girl in the ruins of war worn, war torn Syria, after her mother died of felling the whole house upon her, caring for her brothers and she is merely 14, I don’t know her, but it just pains me to see that this child if given the opportunity, She can become anything, but what we are giving her? Bombs, blood, bullets — how beautiful this world is, how nasty we humans are.

I need not go to abroad for explaining the means of ‘Feminism’, My country has the black marks on her forehead. In some states, giving birth to a girl is sin, it is a shame for me that girl, today, in 21st century still is a caged Bird. I am born into a family of free thinkers but I too have seen stereotypes which makes me sick. The dowry is still living, still we, fear, the gender whom was given birth by our gender. Years gone, some women touching the moon and some watching moon from her cage.

Women’s if they are given chance, giving the education, support and love, They can fly higher than eagle. I am writing this post but I can never save all the women suffering for having the eye to look upon the stars, but I will save women whenever I have the chance if I don’t, I will rush to them in their needs. If all women come together and all the men too, cause men and women complete each other. Think, how we can overcome bigger storms? If we are worried about our own cat fights of who is stronger men or women. I really don’t want people to label a women’s beauty by calling her Britten, Blondie, brownie, ugly, fat, skinny. As well, I don’t want men to be bullied cause they like pink, or they love cooking. Both genders should know cooking as neither sexism nor feminism can save you when you are hungry.

Women are as enchanting as rainbows, the eyes of the beholder matters as whom will love them, would value them for their true color. Feminism is not holding a banner, or prove us to be a great person. It is about taking small initiative to help those near you, to stand on your feet so that you can stand by the people who are desperately waiting for a hand, waiting for a smile that you could provide.

‘Feminism’ starts with you…. 

Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover

We live in a very superficial society. It is very easy to fall into the trap of looking only at the surface of people, things, and ideas without taking the time and effort to delve deeper into them. Literally, you cannot tell the quality of the contents of a book just by looking at the material used to hold it together. A book with a plain cover and simple title may be more important, more entertaining, or more useful than a book bound in a flashier manner.

This metaphor can be extended to many situations in life. Perhaps If you see a beautiful woman (or man), would you immediately pursue them before an average looking person? In many cases, a person looking for a significant other would. Unfortunately, the more average person may have a better sense of humor and a more interesting outlook on life. The prejudice of deciding what to do based solely on outward appearance could cost the pursuer the chance of a meaningful relationship.

It is difficult to change being so superficial, though. Our sense of vision is very strong and it is easy to fall in the trap of believing the most beautiful, shiny, or flashiest object is inherently “better.” Only by maintaining strict self-discipline can we force ourselves to put these prejudices aside and look deeper into everything we do. Who knows? The more beautiful woman may turn out to be a better match for you. But you will never know if you always base your decision on what looks the best. Only by looking at the less obvious features can we know what is truly the most outstanding person, object, or idea. And then we will know it with confidence.